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Description and working principle

Wet concrete recycling plants convert unused concrete into washed aggregate and cementitious water, ready for further use.

The machine consist of a single drum, revolving in a tumble dryer-like fashion. Unused concrete is collected from up to three trucks simultaneously via the collector chute, guiding it into the drum.

Once the cycle commences, internal blades collect the separated aggregate, discharging it via one chute, whilst discharging cementitious water via another.


Simple, easy-to-use operation,

Adjustable internal blades to increase/decrease wash cycle,

No internal grills or screws to clog up,

Available in capacities of 20, 30 and 50m/hr,

Supplied with control panel and underground stirrer unit,

Includes high pressure pump and low pressure 25mm pump,

Also includes 60mm submersible pump as standard.

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