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Description and working principle

SILOTOP® is a bin and silo vent by WAM® with an exceptional volume to filter surface ratio. Its round stainless steel body houses POLYPLEAT® filter modules and a reverse air jet cleaning system. The POLYPLEAT® filter media is made of non-woven spun-bonded polyester.

Performance and technical features


1) Robust 304 stainless steel body with bottom flange
2) Electronic control panel with sequence timer and automatic after-shut-down-cleaning cycle
3) Aluminium air tank (corrosion-resistant)
4) "Full Immersion" solenoid valves incorporated in air tank to minimize flow resistance
5) Extruded aluminium blow pipes vulcanized in engineering polymer offer smooth surface and rag-free nozzles
6) Maintenance-free air jet cleaning unit integrated inside weather protection cover
7) Weather protection cover "Autolock" hinges self-locking with cover open
8) Filter element fixing clamps reduce maintenance time
9) POLYPLEAT® filter elements with integrated Venturi shafts guarantee optimum filter surface - body volume ratio
10) Non-woven spun-bonded filter material (B.I.A. cat. U.S.G. and U.S.G.C.)
11) Weather protection cover with lockable snap hook
12) Seal frame with integrated anti-intrusion grille
13) Inspection hatch


- Weld-on bottom ring
- Emergency valve (see chapter on dust collector components)
- L.E.V. System® (Low Energy Valve) Solenoid Valves offering reduction of annual energy consumption by 50%, i.e. return on investment within a year (see chapter on Filter Media Cleaning System Components for Reverse Air Jet Dust Collectors)
- Current-free operation

Advantages and innovative features

- Weatherproof finish
- Robust though lightweight design for easy handling
- Improved pressure resistance both external and internal
- Thanks to compact design, extremely accessible
- Complete replacement of filter media by one person within a few minutes
- Standard fitting of condensation release valve on air reservoir
- High filtration efficiency guaranteed due to certified filter material
- Reduced flow resistance and prevention of rust thanks to special stainless steel air distributors

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