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Description and working principle

ILT-type Silo Level Indicators by TOREX® are designed to electrically signal minimum or maximum material level inside bins, hoppers or silos by rotary action. As long as material is present the paddle does not rotate. As soon as the material level sinks below the paddle radius rotation restarts activating other system components. The top or side-mounted indicators are commonly used for materials having a bulk density ranging from 0.5 t/m³ (0.02 lb/cu in) to 2 t/m³ (0.08 lb/cu in).

Performance and technical features


- 24/48 V (AC), 50-60 Hz
- 110/230 V (AC), 50-60 Hz
- 24 V (DC)
- Standard connection: 1½"


Advantages and innovative features

- Easy to install
- Cost effective

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