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Description and working principle

In over thirty years the ES-type Screw Feeder has become a synonym for cement feeding in concrete batching plants all over the world. In this period WAMŪ have supplied more than 150,000 units which have been operating ever since, the very first one still running with its original screw. After the turn of the new millennium it is hard to find a batching plant manufacturer anywhere in the world who would not appreciate the unrivalled technical features and quality of the ES. Apart from cement, ES-type Screw Feeders are nowadays also used for filler and other materials similar to cement.

Basically the ES is an offspring of the TU series. The unique design of its maintenance-free intermediate hanger bearings and end bearing assemblies c/w splined shaft couplings, as well as drive units with incorporated shaft sealing unit and its widely appreciated ball-jointed universal inlets and outlets set new standards in the industry. Although some have tried to copy the ES, WAMŪ have been wise enough to continually invest into further industrialization of this product, and there is no end in sight yet. 

Performance and technical features


- Tubular housing in standardized flanged sections with one section made to measure
- Cylindrical, tapered or ball jointed (universal) inlet and outlet with drilled flange or beaded edge or plain according to WAMŪ standards
- Standard inspection hatch beneath first inlet and under each intermediate hanger bearing
- Medium-heavy duty screw with splined shaft couplings
- Direct mounted single ratio WAMŪ gear reduction unit with incorporated, fully protected, maintenance-free end bearing assembly and self-
adjusting packed gland seal
- Standard flange-mounted electric motor
- Maintenance-free aluminium-cast intermediate hanger bearings with self-lubricating slide bushes
- Space-saving maintenance-free outlet end bearing assembly with turning tool shaft connection

Advantages and innovative features

- Small diameter - great efficiency - high throughput rates
- Small overall dimensions and compact design
- Small number of components and spare parts
- Low total weight
- Long life
- Maintenance-free
- Quick installation thanks to universal inlets and outlets
- Optimum price-performance ratio

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