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Description and working principle

For some time tighter safety regulations in industrialized countries have ensured stricter enforcement of rules regarding the safeguarding of silos and bins against positive and negative pressure. There is no question that other countries will have to follow this example.

Pressure Relief Valves by WAMŪ are the last safety net when abnormal pressure conditions endanger the silo structure. This is why sudden excess or suction pressure inside the silo must be dealt with instantly. Even though ideally a pressure relief valve should never have to go into action, it must be efficient and reliable if needed.

In the VCP Pressure Relief Valve, helical springs keep the valve lids closed when the pressure value remains within the preset limits. The three outside spring rods keep the external ring-shaped lid firmly closed as long as the force generated by the pressure inside the silo does not overcome the spring force. Once the pressure exceeds the preset value the lid is pushed up and the pressure can escape. The smaller lid covers the central circular opening of the external lid from below. It is held in the middle by a single spring rod and is pressed on to the external lid by the normal air pressure inside the silo. In the event of suction pressure, the spring is compressed and allows the lid to drop. The air entering the silo from outside ensures rapid pressure balance and pushes the central lid back up into the "closed" position.

Performance and technical features

The VCP range includes:

- VCP2731B made from carbon steel
- VCP2732B made from 304 stainless steel

Both versions are preset for a maximum negative pressure of - 0.002 bar (0.03 psi) and a maximum excess pressure of + 0.05 bar (0.72 psi).
Should the customer’s requirements be different, the valves can be set within a range of suction pressure from - 0.002 bar (0.03 psi) to - 0.012 bar (0.17 psi) and for excess pressure ranging from + 0.028 bar (0.4 psi) to + 0.1 bar (1.45 psi).

Weight: 9.5 kg (21 lbs)

Advantages and innovative features

Lightweight design and reduced overall dimensions make fitting an easier job.

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