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Mindman currently manufacture two different ranges of standard square bodied
cylinders, the VDMA type as used extensively throughout Europe and the Japanese
Profile type which are a tie rod construction and available up to 200 Bore. are also able to supply standard pneumatic cylinders up
to 400mm Bore.

Mindman currently manufacture the VDMA type from bore size 32mm through to 160,
whilst Tie Rod versions are available, specialise in the
supply of Aluminium Profile type and currently offer two models. The MCQP-11 is
the standard version and uses the widely available and proven design of
"Mickey Mouse" profile, Mindman also manufacture the MCQP-11-99 series, which
uses an all square profile of tube. A full range of accessories are available with
both units and Mindman offer a 24 Hour Seven day per week service on both these Models.

In addition to the standard product, are able to offer same
day custom made specials and also full 316 Stainless Steel units on short lead times.

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