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sidebar.jpg (6070 bytes)                  PNEUMATIC ANCILLARY EQUIPMENT
               ancill1.gif (24167 bytes) offer a range of pneumatic accessories for use in various applications, products include the following.
Pilot Operated Check Valves
In-Line Body Ported Flow Control Valves
Logic Valves (Shuttle, And / Or, Not Gates)
Pneumatic Timers
Check Valves (Body Ported and Push-In)
Recoil Hoses
Quick Release Couplings
Blow Guns
Air Presses
Quick Exhaust Valves
Galvanised Pipe / Fittings

Solenoid Valve-(Air)

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Mindman's range of solenoid valves is now extremely comprehensive; valves are
available from M5 Ports through to ". Valve configurations include 2/2, 3/2, 5/2
and 5/3. Latest additions to the range include the MVSA-156 and 188 series which are
sub-base valves designed to interchange with other Japanese valve manufacturers.
The full range of solenoid valves is large and there are many overlaps in types to ensure
World-wide interchangability. offer the full range of Pisco
SVA valves, these are resin built valves / manifolds with inbuilt fittings, the manifolds are
available up to 20 stations and feature Sub-D, din connector as an option. All
Mindman valves are supplied including plug and coil, thus avoiding the need for
separate part numbers. LED caps are also available as an option. 

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Mindman stole a march on many of it competitors by developing a range of FRL
with Metal Bowls, units are available from " > " in this configuration. All units
are designed to work at 15 Bar and two gauge options are offered. Units are
priced complete with Gauge and Bracket. Mindman have recently introduced a full range
of Coalescing filters, these will shortly be available from stock. A unique turbine filter
is also available which removes 99.9% of water.
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Finally Mindman offer a range of Auto drains suitable for fitment into
competitors bowls, the MADV400-WB fits Norgren Bowls and is offered at
extremely competitive price and always from stock

Compressed Air Dryers        
  ancill6.gif (30088 bytes)    offer a full range of Refrigeration and Desiccant
Dryers, units feature Stainless steel pipes, a capacity in excess of 20% of most
other dryers and full custom design facilities.


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