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Single stage, standardised centrifugal motor-driven pumps, 2 and 4 poles, with spiral body dimensioned in accordance with DIN-EN 733 (formerly DIN 24255) and flanged to DIN 2533 (DIN 2532 for DN 200). Designed and made with state-of-the-art technologies, the performance of these rugged pumps guarantees maximum efficiency as well as absolute reliability. They cover a wide range of applications from temper water addition to high volume clean batch water. (Upgraded seal kits can be fitted to provide extra protection when used for recycled batch water.
Pump body and motor cover in cast iron, impeller in cast iron or bronze, pump shaft in stainless steel.
Operating range: from 1 to 500 m3/h with heads up to 100 m
Liquid temperature range: from -10C to 140C (standard version)

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