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Description and working principle

The HOPPERJET® Hopper Venting Filter by WAM® is a reverse air jet filter designed for small intermediate hoppers and weigh hoppers. The application of the unique POLYPLEAT® or pocket-type filter elements allows for high de-dusting efficiency, yet minimum overall dimensions.

Performance and technical features


- Filter Surface: 2 m² (21½ sq. ft.) with POLYPLEAT® or 0.5 m² (5½ sq. ft.)
- Control: 24 V AC, 230 V AC
- Filter Media: Non-woven spun-bonded polyester POLYPLEAT® element, B.I.A.-certified or polyester felt pocket-type
- Reverse air jet cleaning system
- Comes with controller including timer
- Electrovalves and solenoid coils located outside the body
- Maintenance from clean air side
- Construction material: stainless steel
- Weight: 20 kg

Advantages and innovative features

- High efficiency
- Minimum space required
- Easy to fit
- Easy to retrofit

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