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      Climate Change Levy
Concrete Equipment Electric motors to the highest energy saving criteria i.e. EFF1 allowing customers to benefit from the governments enhanced capital allowance tax saving scheme
Standard motors (1ph and 3ph)
Aluminium and cast iron construction motors are supplied as standard with Class F insulation and have standard European voltages 230/400V, 3ph, 50Hz and 230V, 1ph, 50Hz. Other supply voltages available upon request. Cast iron motors are fitted with thermistors as standard.
Three phase motors available from 0.07-560kw
Increased Power motors
The standard range of motor 3ph machines can be made with the same constructional dimensions whose rated output torques are substantially increased (increased power). Increased power Motors should not be used with Inverters. Available in 2 & 4 pole design for powers up to 22kW.
2 & 3 Speed Motors
Constant and fan drive Motors are available in 2 and 3 speed design for pump and fan type applications.
Brake Motors
3ph Motor Brake Motors are intended for use in cranes, lifts and machine tools etc. Motors are fitted, as standard, with DC spring applied single disc brakes but are also fitted with AC brakes upon request. Motor Brake Motors are available with powers up to 22kW.
Motor Base Plates
Concrete-equipment Motor Base Plates for frame sizes 63-280 are specifically designed for extreme drive loads, manufactured in heavy gauge pre-slotted galvanised steel giving maximum resistance to corrosion.
All motors are available as foot, flange or foot & flange versions