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Description and working principle

DRYBATCH® Dust Collectors by WAM® have been specially designed for dust collection from the truck mixer inlet zone in dry batch plants. The unit is equipped with horizontally mounted filter modules, a compressed air jet cleaning system and a suction fan.

Performance and technical features

- Dust collector body made from stainless steel
- Large access door incorporates reverse air jet cleaning system and suction fan
- Open door gives access to horizontally mounted multiple pocket filter modules
- Stand-up dust collection hopper made of carbon steel suitable for different types of emptying devices

Accessories included in standard supply:
- Diffuser for pre-separation of heavier particles
- PS- type Pneumatic Hammer

Advantages and innovative features

- Easy installation
- Unit can be fitted in new and existing plants
- Exceptional volume-filter surface ratio
- Extremely maintenance-friendly (neither ladders nor scaffolding required)
- Long life of filter media
- Silenced WAM® fan range reduces operating noise by approximately 10 dB(A) compared to other makes
- Low dust emission