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Description and working principle

The IPM-type Differential Pressure Switch by TOREX supervises by means of a diaphragm switch the excess pressure rising inside bins or silos during the filling and purging of the tanker. It is also used as a level control device in hoppers.

The equipment consists of
- Self-cleaning wear and temperature-resistant membrane
- Body made of aluminium alloy
- Contact switch
- Assembly fittings (bolts and gasket)

Performance and technical features


- Operating temperature: -30C to +80C (-22F to 176F)
- Cable size: 2 x 1.5 mm (2 x 0.002 sq in)
- Electromechanical contacts: 15 A, 250 V
- Protection: IP 55
- Pre-set activating pressure: 0.04 bar (0.6 psi)
- Power consumption: 0.5 W
- To be installed on top of IPX-type spigot (to be ordered separately)

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