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                                   1010 Electromagnetic Flow Meter

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The 1010 Electromagnetic Flow Meters are compact and are easy to install. The performance payoff and low operating costs mean that they will quickly pay for themselves even in applications where it was previously not possible to carry out measurements at all. The design of the flow meter allows dirty water to be metered without effecting the operation, as there are no moving parts.


The 1010 Electromagnetic Flow Meter is designed to be used in the concrete, chemical, water and waste-water industries and all other process industries.

•    Blind Compact Version                      • Bi-directional
•    Empty Pipe Detection             • Frequency, pulse outputs


                                  TECHNICAL DATA

Meter Sizes     DN10 to 150 / 3/8” to 6”
Pipe Flanges
DIN2501 (=BS4504)
ANSI B 16.5

DN15 to 150 / PN 16
” to 6” / 150 lb / RF
DN10 to 150 / 10 K and 20 K
Electrical conductivity >5S/cm (>20S/cm for de-min cold water
Compact systems

IFS 1000 F (separate)
In storage
Ambient temperature
-25 to +50C/-13 to +122F
-25 to +40C/-13 to +104F
-25 to +60C/-13 to +140F
-25 to +60C/-13 to +140F
Operating pressure
ANSI B 16.5
< 16bar/230psig
< 16bar/230psig
< 10bar/145psig
< 16bar/230psig
Vacuum load 0mbar abs / 0psia
Insulation class of field coils E
Electrode design    Pin electrodes
Protection category (EN 60 529 / IEC 529)    IP67, equivalent to NEMA 6
Humidity rating to DIN 50 016, DIN/IEC 68   R, relative humidity < 90% annual mean

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